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EMSUNIT Pte Ltd has been newly incorporated in 2008, and have created a network, in collorbration with the various hospitals and hyperbaric facilities, for medical assistance and with Holyland Travel & Tours Pte Ltd for tourism related services in Singapore, for the convenience of our clients. By providing a seamless environment, where we hope to ease the hassle and confusion that may arise for our clients in their hour of need.

There is always a difference of opinion as to how each medical assistance is carried out by the various organisations involved:

There is the utmost uncertainty in various types of medical condition, and if one does not plan the evacuation and access the medical condition of the client who will need the service carefully with the relevant medical consultants and departments, there will always be the doubt of how well the medical evacuation or any medical assistance will be carried out. Thus choosing the right provider with the necessary knowledge in providing medical assistance and evacuation for client in need is important.”

Our EMS Unit, has teams of speciallized and well trained doctors nurses and paramedics, to cater for all kinds of medical situations. They have provided medical assistance within the Asean regions, such as, Indonesia, Vietnam,Malaysia,Philippines, and World-wide. With our motto "Help is a Heartbeat Away”, We would like to provide the best medical assistance and tourism service to all our preferred clients, efficiently and at an affordable rate.

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Online Resource
We recommend you to check out www.Paramedic.com, your online gateway to prehospital emergency medicine. Now a part of the EMS1 network, www.Paramedic.com is YOUR community, built to address YOUR needs.